Victorian and Vintage Necklace always adorns the beauty of a woman and it embraces the grace of womanhood. Antiqa presents you with the ultimate collection of handcrafted antique necklaces to increase your beauty and charm. The premium vintage style necklaces we have for you are specially crafted by our artisan to make the perfect amalgamation of modishness and vintages at the same time. All the necklaces are made with studded gems by experts that will surely match with your attire. We are providing the premium necklace at the special exclusive discounted price for a limited period. So don’t just wait, grab the superior necklaces at a marvelous price.

This just in– an exciting Victorian necklace and matching earrings with Antiqa, from the Victorian era. Hardstone cameos were associated with Antique jewelry starting as early as the 16th century. Sets like this came into vogue during the reign of Queen Victoria after the death of her beloved husband Prince Albert in 1861. The tassel places this set squarely in the Mid-Victorian period, circa 1870-1880 The set consists of a necklace with a centerpiece of fabricated sterling silver, set with a banded agate cameo and freshwater pearls. The center setting is basically a box fabricated by hand from sheet gold. The front is lavishly decorated with hand engraving and taille de epergne enameling. Taille de epergne is a variation of champleve enameling where opaque enamels– usually black– are fired into engraved lines forming a design. This necklace is especially nice compared to others we have seen because of unusual shape, the added leaves, and natural pearls, and of course, the tassel. The overall condition is very good, considering the set is ~150 years old!


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Material Sterling Silver-925
Gross Wt. 109 grams
Size 46 cm length 2.5 cms width
Stone Wt. 16 carats
Style No. VN1936

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